Listen to one on one interviews with the most influental and successful people in Reining and Western Horsemanship.

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Understand how they became so successful.

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Learn from their lessons and use them to become on step closer to becoming the best in the business.

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Why I do what I do

It is one of those late nights, I sit in my studio apartment in Silicon Valley California and think about what I - a 23 year old German native who loves horses, can do to have an impact on the world, more particular on the world of Reining and Western Horsemanship. A world I grew up in since I was about 12 years old and a world that has taught me so many invaluable life lessons. I was lucky enough to meet, listen and learn from some of the most successful trainers and horseman in the Reining industry and I want you to get a chance to experience those people like never before. For the next years I will interview the most influentual and successful people in the world of Reining and Western Horsemanship. My goal is to give you an opportunity to listen to the stories of the best performers in their particular field, understand how they became so successful and learn from their lessons.


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